National Highway

SANGLI is about 430 km from Mumbai( Bombay ), 750 km from Bangalore,Goa 190 km and 220 km from Pune. The city is just 35 km from Bombay-Bangalore National Highway NH4.

On the National Highway NH4, there are two branches from SANGLI city. If you are coming from Bombay, you have to take left turn from NH4 Highway at Peth Naka. If you are coming from Bangalore on the same highway NH4, you have to take a right turn from Shiroli village near Kolhapur.

Ratnagiri-Nagpur Highway MSH3 also passes through SANGLI.


On the railway map, SANGLI lies on the Bombay-Bangalore route. Delhi-Goa, Delhi-Mysore and Pune-Ernakulam rail routes also pass through SANGLI. SANGLI is linked by rail to Bombay, Delhi, Agra, Bhopal, Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Mysore, Cochin, Nagpur and Chennai(Tirupati) by railways.


SANGLI will soon be on the airways map of India. Soon after the new airport is innaugurated flights will be available from Bombay, Goa, Bangalore and other cities to SANGLI.

How far is SANGLI from other cities ?

City Distance from Sangli City Distance from Sangli
Agra 1667 Km Ahmadabad 890 Km
Amritsar 2290 Km Bangalore 736 Km
Baroda 792 Km Bhopal 1215 Km
Cochin 1210 Km Goa 280 Km
Delhi 1867 Km Jammu 2437 Km
Mumbai 450 Km Mysore 876 Km
Nagpur 1163 Km Pune 270 Km
Surat 662 Km Hyderabad 498 Km
Madras 1140 Km Trivandrum 1393 Km